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My hope is that people who are interested in the various dimensions of my work will find this website a source of energy, stimulation, and conversation.

My conviction is that the purpose of Jesus of Nazareth, the Bible, and the Church is to be a means of peace and of saving the world from its romance with violence, guns and warfare. All of the resources that are present here can help to build an interpretation of the Gospels, the New Testament, and the Christian tradition as a religion that can deliver the human race from belief in the myth of redemptive violence. My hope is that this site can be a gathering place for those who are exploring non-violent resistance to evil as an alternative to our instinctive reliance on violence and war. This is a major dimension of what Jesus of Nazareth was all about.

Biblical storytelling, the formation of a global digital communication system for peace making, and performance criticism are all dimensions of a new paradigm for the Gospel in post-literate digital culture. I hope to build here a series of multimedia biblical commentaries on the Gospels that will illuminate the experience of the stories in their original context and provide an initial experience of the Gospels as they were originally told and heard by first century audiences. I also hope to build a body of interpretive resources--videos, film clips, songs, music--that will deepen our connections with these sacred stories.

I welcome suggestions and contributions to this work.

My Experience with Biblical Storytelling: An Interview with Tom Boomershine

July, 2015: Tom’s commentary on Mark 14-16 is published.
The Messiah of Peace: A Performance-Criticism Commentary on Mark’s Passion-Resurrection Narrative is one of the first detailed commentaries to use the emerging interpretive paradigm of performance criticism. It is accompanied by video recordings of live tellings in both English and Greek. For more on this exciting project, please visit

The book is available for purchase from Wipf and Stock publishers.

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